Reasons to Invest in a Mouthguard

Mouthguards are oral appliances made from a special rubbery material that are designed to cover all of the top teeth and provide a barrier between the upper and lower jaws. A mouthguard may be right for you if you participate in sports activities such as soccer, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, softball, lacrosse, wrestling, or any other contact sport. Individuals who grind their teeth in their sleep can also benefit from a mouthguard, as it will help reduce the chances of early wear and tear, chips, and fractures. Specially designed mouthguards may also be used to help adjust the position of the jaws in patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

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There are many mouthguards on the market—but store-bought and moldable mouthguards don’t offer the same benefits as a custom-made mouthguard from your Lake Mary dentist. Contact the dentists with Sanford Dental Excellence at 407-268-6409 for more information about our mouthguards.

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