Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

Maintain Gum Health for Strong Teeth

Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, is a chronic inflammatory condition caused by any bacterial infection around the tooth. Sanford Dental Excellence is committed to providing patients with safe and effective treatments that return the gums and teeth roots to a healthy state. In all we do, patient comfort is of the utmost importance to our entire team, and we achieve this by offering sedation options and minimally invasive techniques, like non-surgical gum treatment.
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Common Signs of Gum Disease

Plaque and tartar are the leading cause of gum disease. When plaque hardens and forms tartar on the surface of the teeth, toxins are released that irritate gums. Regular brushing at home and bi-annual cleanings are essential steps to remove plaque before it hardens. But if tartar forms and isn't removed by a dentist, the condition will worsen. The gums start to pull away from the teeth, forming pockets where bacteria can live and thrive. This eventually leads to bone loss and might require tooth extraction.

Symptoms of gum disease include gums that bleed easily, red, swollen, or tender gums, gums pulling away from teeth, loose teeth, and persistent bad breath. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact us for a consultation.

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Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Gum disease is often most prevalent in patients who have a contributing factor, such as poor diet, stress, viral infections, smoking, diabetes, other medical conditions, or genetics. Whatever the case, our goal is to stop the spread and correct the issue. Our non-surgical gum treatment is less invasive and less stressful on patients. When completed, patients will have to receive more frequent cleanings to keep the disease under control.

Like any health procedure, success is dependent on the patient's commitment to following recommended at-home care instructions, such as regular flossing and brushing to control plaque. Contact us for help controlling gum disease.

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