Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants in Sanford, FL

If you are currently wearing dentures there is a good chance you consistently have problems with discomfort and loose fitting dentures. Traditional dentures can also cause pain and swelling in the gums due to friction created between the denture and your gums. It is also likely that you’re tired of having to constantly visit your dentist to have your dentures examined and cleaned, not to mention the adjustments to correct the fit of the dentures. With implant dentistry bringing out new and effective options for replacing lost teeth, there are numerous alternatives today that are less invasive and painful to effectively replace your lost teeth as compared to the traditional ones. MDI Mini Dental Implants are one such option which has proven to be a great way to replace lost teeth or stabilize your dentures.
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MDI Mini Dental Implants

  • Do not require any major surgery as in the case of traditional implants.
  • Can be done to fit your existing dentures.
  • Are 1/3 less expensive than traditional dental implants and are equally effective as well.
  • Ensures that your dentures are fixed to your gums and do not loosen, thus giving you new confidence while talking to people or eating in public.

MDI Mini Dental Implants are in essence titanium screws that become fixed to your jaw bone. As compared to traditional implant:

  • They can be done in a single procedure.
  • There is no additional fee for an implant post as the post is already attached to the implant.
  • The surgical placement of Mini Dental Implants is far less traumatic.
  • The healing time for mini dental implants is significantly less.
  • Requires less bone due to their smaller diameter, therefore avoiding invasive and expensive bone graft procedures.

"As a senior who has lived with gum disease my entire life and moved around the country quite a bit it was not my first rodeo to again find myself looking for a new Dental office. After extensive research I decided that the option I wanted to pursue was with Mini Implants. This seemed the perfect solution for my needs and would end all the years of misery I have experienced fighting a losing battle with gum disease. Again, after extensive research I decided to visit Sanford Dental Excellence because of their expertise and experience with this technology as well as others.

Sometime later and I am now finished with my complete transformation. I have never in my life ever written an endorsement or testimonial for a product or service but in this case feel strongly compelled to comment. I absolutely love my new teeth, upper and lower. They look wonderful, are very easy maintenance, fit perfectly and allow me, once again, to eat anything I want. I almost forget I have them in. Best of all, no more gum disease and the uncomfortable procedures needed to fight its progression. The staff become “family” of sorts and all are very professional, courteous, considerate, and friendly. The office works like a well-oiled machine. My treatments progressed flawlessly as I moved from one phase to another. I was fortunate on a couple of occasions to experience the benefits of Sedation Dentistry. It really helps lessen the fear, pain and anxiety of some procedures and I am now a huge advocate. Dr. M. and his staff are perfectionists who work as a team and would not settle for anything less.

I will still get to see my friends from time to time for cleanings and such. My only regret is that I did not do this years ago! Best decision I ever made in my life."

- Real Patient Testimonial

How Mini Implants Work for You

MDI Mini Dental Implants can not only be used for dentures but also for replacing individual missing teeth!

While mini dental implants provide an excellent solution for loose and non fitting dentures, they are also commonly used for missing teeth. Whether you are missing one or several teeth mini dental implants can help to provide a natural permanent solution without the high expense.

Ask a staff member how mini dental implants can work for you!

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