Root Canal Treatment

Returning Teeth to a Healthy State

Root canal therapy is a common procedure that serves a critical role in treating severe tooth decay and preventing the spread of infection. It not only relieves pain but also saves the natural tooth, eliminating the need for extraction and artificial tooth replacement. You can trust the professionals at Sanford Dental Excellence in Sanford, FL for high-quality, gentle root canal therapy that prioritizes your comfort and health. Learn more about our compassionate services.
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No More Dental Anxiety

Root canal therapy involves removing blood vessels and nerves from a tooth that may be infected or damaged. Decay, injury, and gum disease are all typical reasons this procedure is required. The infection is quite painful because it affects the nerves, or pulp, within the tooth root. The great news is this therapy option is a successful treatment to eliminate the pain and save your original tooth. If we determine this is required, we have sedation options to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Before undergoing root canal therapy to improve your condition, we will discuss which sedation technique is best for you, including IV conscious sedation for patients who have high anxiety, fear, or pain. We’ll ensure you are comfortable throughout.

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Preparing for Root Canal Therapy

The first step of a root canal treatment is to ensure the patient is at ease and pain won’t be a concern. We achieve this through different sedation methods or with a local anesthetic. Once the numbing agent or sedative has set in, a small hole is drilled in the infected tooth to access the pulp. The dentist will remove the diseased tissue and thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth. The area where the pulp was removed will be filled and sealed.

The final step is placing a crown to protect the area and return the tooth to its original shape and form. We specialize in manufacturing dental prosthetics so patients can be confident their crowns will look and function completely naturally.

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