IV Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Options to Keep Patients Comfortable

Sanford Dental Excellence prioritizes patient comfort at our Central Florida dental practice. By offering various sedation options for complex procedures and patients who feel stressed or anxious when visiting the dentist, we can ensure everyone remains relaxed while receiving the care they need for a healthy mouth. We are one of a handful of practices in Central Florida that offer IV sedation for the ultimate in dental relaxation.
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What Is IV Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

Have you ever fallen asleep on a plane or in a car and wondered how you arrived at your destination so quickly and effortlessly? Your dental work can feel the same. Administering an intravenous sedative relaxes the body and mind. While patients remain conscious during their procedure, they’re in such a deep state of relaxation they feel very little pain or anxiety and often have little memory of the surgery. The sedative goes into effect within minutes, and the patient will remain closely monitored throughout the procedure until it wears off.
Safe and Effective Sedation

Benefits of IV Conscious Sedation

Reduced Anxiety

It helps reduce anxiety and fear associated with dental procedures, making it a good option for patients who have dental phobias.

Increased Comfort

Complex procedures can be lengthy and difficult for patients to endure. Sedation ensures patients experience minimal discomfort and allows multiple procedures to be completed in one appointment.

Improved Cooperation

Completing dental work when patients have a gag reflex or physical limitations can be difficult. IV sedation eliminates those challenges.

Better Experience

If stress or anxiety from a traumatic dental experience is a concern, sedation can induce a temporary state of amnesia, so memories of the procedure are forgotten.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide is widely known as laughing gas and gets its name from the sense of euphoria patients feel after the nitrous oxide is administered. Patients will have a mask placed over their nose to inhale the gas, which is absorbed into the lungs and bloodstream. The effects are felt within minutes, making for an anxiety-free dental procedure. One of the benefits of this form of sedation is how rapidly it wears off when the dental procedure is complete.
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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation methods are administered in liquid or pill form. The medication is taken orally prior to the procedure and achieves the same goals as nitrous oxide, allowing the patient to relax calmly in preparation for their dental work. Oral sedation options have stronger effects than laughing gas, making it an ideal option for procedures that are a little more complex or expected to take longer than those where nitrous oxide is appropriate.
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