Loose Teeth

Solutions for Loose Teeth

Everyone’s experienced wiggling teeth that eventually fall out. However, this is a problem for adults because there isn’t another tooth waiting to replace the missing one. At Sanford Dental Excellence, we work with adult patients throughout Central Florida to repair and replace loose teeth with high-quality denture options that act just like their original. We offer a variety of removable denture products to meet different situations and budgets. Contact us to discuss your options.
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Uncovering the Cause of Loose Teeth

Loose teeth can be the result of a traumatic injury or accident. But if there isn’t an obvious cause, it could be the sign of an underlying dental problem. If you have one or several loose teeth or any dental health concerns, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation. Before a denture fitting can be completed, the cause of loose teeth must be treated. We always attempt to save a damaged tooth, but if extraction is necessary, we can replace it with dentures.
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Common Causes of Loose Teeth

Gum Disease

This bacterial infection is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. It usually starts with inflammation and bleeding around the gum line but eventually will attack and destroy the tissue and bone that supports the tooth roots.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, another term for teeth grinding, usually happens at night when individuals are unaware they’re doing it. This excessive pressure wears down teeth and strains the periodontal ligaments, causing them to become loose.


Certain medications, such as anti-depressants and antihistamines, cause dry mouth. Without proper saliva production, the gums cannot stay moist and healthy, increasing the likelihood of gum disease and loose teeth.


Any trauma to the head, mouth, or face, such as a fall, sports injury, or vehicle accident, can jar teeth loose and cause jawbone damage. This type of sudden trauma should be dealt with immediately for the patient’s overall safety.


The aging process and deterioration that comes with it is a natural part of growing older. Every year, our gums and bones that support the teeth can weaken, accelerating dental problems, including teeth loosening and bone loss.


Hormonal changes that come with pregnancy are known to cause loose teeth. Specifically, high progesterone and estrogen levels during this time loosen the teeth and bones that keep them in place and can lead to loss.


This habit causes many health complications. An early one is the plaque buildup on teeth. While this is normal for even non-smokers, it’s worse for those who smoke, and it quickly turns to tartar, the bacteria leading to gum disease and tooth loss.


Individuals with osteoporosis lose bone density over time. While broken bones are the most common health concern, the disease causes jawbone density loss too. Over time, this leads to loose teeth and eventual loss from lack of root support.
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Loose Teeth Solutions for Adult Patients

When people think of dentures, they likely picture someone who needs an entire set of new teeth, but there are reasons to consider them for loose teeth.

Improve Appearance: Loose or missing teeth can make a smile look crooked or keep someone from smiling in the first place. Dentures return a smile's natural form.

Regain Function: Eating, speaking, and laughing can be challenging with one or more loose teeth. Replacing the damaged section with dentures makes it easier.

Strengthen Jawbones: Areas of missing teeth are prone to jawbone deterioration, leading to a sunken appearance. Dentures encourage healthy jawbones.

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