Teeth in a Day

Replace All Your Teeth in One Day

Sanford Dental Excellence is a leader in offering the most advanced dental solutions for patients in Central Florida. Teeth in a Day is one of our latest offerings in this category. For patients who need a complete set of new teeth, it’s now possible to receive implants and an entire new set of teeth on the same day. No more waiting for extractions to heal, implants to set, or multiple trips to complete step after step. One visit. New teeth.
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How Is This Possible?

The traditional implant process involves multiple steps, and the length of the procedure and number of visits can increase depending on the number of teeth needing replacement. However, new technology allows us to place implants and immediately set temporary dentures or bridges on the same day. Even if you’re having a tooth extracted, the extraction, implant, and temporary placement can happen simultaneously. You will return for your permanent teeth later when the implants are firmly set.
Enjoy the Benefits

Advantages of Teeth in a Day


Even with a faster process, Teeth in a Day implants look and function just like natural teeth for a confident smile and peace of mind.


The advanced process for this service is ideal for patients as it cuts down the number of visits and is less invasive compared to other options.


You will enjoy a full set of temporary teeth on the same day. When your permanent teeth are ready to be installed, it will require short follow-up visits.


Since this procedure is performed under IV sedation, there is reduced stress on the patient and less to endure. 
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The Fast Track to a Full Set of Teeth

We invest in new technology and procedures for the benefit of our patients who require dental services and want the most efficient and reliable options.

Implant Placement: On the day of the procedure, we’ll install the implants into the jawbone. Patients will remain comfortable under anesthesia.

Temporary Placement: Depending on how many and where teeth are being replaced, a temporary denture or bridge will be placed on the same day.

Permanent Placement: After a few months, the patient returns to have the temporary denture or bridge removed and the permanent custom-made teeth attached.

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