Tooth-Colored Fillings

Finally, a Silver-Free Smile

The best dental work returns function to teeth and is also unnoticeable. Even the kindest smile can be tarnished by the lusterless look of old-fashioned silver fillings. We focus on exceptional dental services at Sanford Dental Excellence that go above and beyond for patients in Central Florida with solutions like tooth-colored fillings. Why advertise you’ve had one or more cavities? Contact our office to learn about tooth-colored fillings and amalgam replacements.
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Trusted Products Designed for Stability and Aesthetics

It seems obvious that tooth-colored fillings would be preferential. However, it took modern technology and breakthroughs in dentistry to get where we are today. Yes, tooth-colored fillings are more attractive, but they’re also safer than standard metal fillings. We work with patients to offer results that are nearly invisible, better for their health, and deliver that silver-free smile. Plus, they are highly durable and will last years with proper care.

Tooth-colored fillings are made from composite resins. We use a material that has a higher shine for front teeth requiring fillings, which adds to the smile. Composite fillings on the back teeth are designed for strength but still match the natural tooth color.

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Invisible Fillings the Right Shade for Your Teeth

Every patient has a unique set of teeth, so composite fillings are available in a wide array of colors. Our dental practice has years of experience providing outstanding results for patients, and we will ensure your composite filling matches your natural teeth, whether placed in the front or back. Another unique benefit of these over amalgam fillings is that composite products are bonded to the surface, adding strength to the tooth.

Tooth decay happens at every age. The good news is that our practice offers advanced methods for every dental procedure to ensure our patients have an option for natural-looking results, even fillings. Contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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