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All patients are unique and have different experiences and concerns when visiting the dentist. The team at Sanford Dental Excellence understands this and proudly offers a few options for varying levels of comfort to make the experience less stressful, including oral sedation. Adults with phobias of dental work or anxiety in medical settings can confidently receive the care they need at our practice with the help of safe and effective relaxation choices.
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Why Choose Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation techniques can be administered in liquid or pill form, providing a vital means of calming patients before dental procedures. These medications achieve the same goals as other forms of sedation, inducing a state of relaxation for the patient. Compared to nitrous oxide, oral sedation options offer more substantial effects that last longer, making them an ideal choice for more intricate or time-consuming procedures.
Medication Sedation

Benefits of Oral Sedation

Deep Relaxation

Some patients require a deeper state of relaxation than others to calm their anxieties, and oral sedation can achieve this.

Reduced Awareness

Dental work is far less traumatic for patients who have phobias because the perception of the procedure is diminished.


Oral sedation provides long-term comfort to complete work for patients receiving complex or multiple procedures simultaneously.

Stalled Consciousness

Temporary amnesia means patients won’t have any recollection of the work, significantly reducing fear and anxiety.
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Are You a Candidate for Oral Sedation?

Whether it’s cosmetic or rehabilitative dental care, don’t hesitate to seek procedures to improve your smile and quality of life. One of the key points that sets our practice apart from others is our focus on patient comfort. We will discuss the different options for sedation dentistry and help you choose the right one to provide the proper level of relaxation. We’ll discuss any health concerns and ensure your safety throughout the process.

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