Snap-On Dentures

Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Denture Stabilization

Individuals who have lost all or have several missing teeth will find peace of mind in the reliable and comfortably snug option of snap-on dentures at Sanford Dental Excellence in Sanford, FL. This tooth replacement method is one of the most stable because it incorporates dental implants to provide a solid connection and long-lasting foundation for any denture. Are you ready for a custom option that enables you to flash a confident smile in public? We’re here to discuss this fantastic choice.
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Replacement Teeth and Bone Support

Snap-on dentures improve the quality of life in patients by delivering a natural-looking and secure tooth replacement option that returns function to essential activities like eating, speaking, and smiling, but that’s not all. In the initial phase of the process, implants are inserted into the jawbone, which helps provide bone stability and reduces deterioration over time. Once the implants have healed, custom dentures are set in place while the jawbone strengthens below.
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Benefits of Snap-On Dentures


Everyone’s heard awkward stories of dentures sliding or moving, but those days are over. Attaching snap-on dentures to implants ensures they won’t slip or slide out of place when eating, talking, or laughing for complete peace of mind.


We custom-make your new snap-on dentures using modern technology to take images and molds of your mouth to include fine detail and shape. This extra care, attention, and use of high-quality materials results in a comfy fit against the gums.


While the primary goal of dentures has always been to restore function to a patient’s teeth, appearance is also a priority at our practice. We control the manufacturing process to match the size and color of any existing teeth and guarantee a natural look.


With snap-on dentures, you can enjoy years of reliable and comfortable use without worrying about replacements or issues. They will last for years with proper care. Plus, since we manufacture and set dentures right here, we’re always available for help.
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Are Snap-On Dentures Right for You?

Sanford Dental Excellence has outfitted many Central Florida patients with snap-on dentures, all of whom have been experiencing dental issues of various complexities. They are a match for patients missing all their teeth, having partial tooth loss, and those with traditional dentures who want a better product. Care includes brushing and flossing just like natural teeth to keep them clear of plaque and tartar. Contact us to learn more about snap-on dentures.

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