Denture Stabilization

The More Affordable Option for Missing Teeth

Denture Stabilization in Sanford

When addressing missing teeth or loose dentures, denture stabilization presents an enticing remedy. Traditional dentures have many drawbacks such as difficulty eating and constant movement in the mouth - denture stabilization, also known as implant-supported dentures, is a superior option compared to traditional dentures as well. And it is a more affordable alternative than dental implants to replace multiple teeth.

At Sanford Dental Excellence, our team makes it easy for you to affordably replace missing teeth without the drawbacks of traditional dentures. Book a free consultation today to learn how denture stabilization might be the best option for you!

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Benefits of Stabilized Dentures

Many people refuse to wear dentures or even consider them as an option because of how they continuously move around in the mouth. Denture stabilization lets you take advantage of the affordability of dentures without having to deal with the disadvantages typically associated with them.

A few benefits of denture stabilization include:

  • More comfortable than traditional dentures
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • More affordable than dental implants
  • Restores your ability to chew foods
  • Easier to speak with
  • Reduces or eliminates gum irritation and mouth sores
  • Stablizes your dentures so they no longer move around your mouth
  • Lasting solution for multiple missing teeth

Denture stabilization or implant-supported dentures is quickly becoming the go-to dental treatment option for individuals missing multiple teeth.

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How Implant-Supported Dentures Work

Denture stabilization utilizes mini dental implants to stabilize the dentures position in the mouth securely. By using dental implants with the dentures you no longer need denture adhesives or pastes to secure your dentures.

While the specific number of mini dental implants required to stabilize your dentures can vary, most patients require four to six dental implants per denture. Two implants is the minimal amount of implants that can be placed to provide increased stability. Once the implants are placed and allowed sufficient healing time, your denture is attached on top. 

When the full procedure is completed, your dentures will no longer "float" around your mouth. There should be a noticeable increase in chewing power, the types of foods you can enjoy, and comfort.

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