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Taking an active role in your dental care will help ensure that your smile lasts you a lifetime. Sanford Dental Excellence offers implant, sedation and general dentistry for all your dental care needs. Call us today at 407-268-6409 to schedule an appointment or visit us on the web for more dental information. Find more information on how your dentist can help you smile brightly by clicking through these resources:

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Root canal treatment is important for saving a badly damaged or decayed tooth. Find out the consequences of delaying a root canal in this article on Discovery Fit & Health and talk to your dentist if you’re concerned about the procedure.

Discover exactly what happens during a root canal by checking out this information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. provides more information about toothaches, their various causes, and when to contact your dentist for treatment.

Tooth whitening offers a popular and easy way to drastically improve your smile. Read more about this cosmetic procedure and how it can transform your look on

Learn what to expect when receiving a dental filling and find information on different filling options on

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