Dental Emergencies That Require Immediate Care

First aid of dental teeth

Dental emergencies can be stressful situations, but with the right knowledge and prompt treatment, they can usually be easily resolved. In many cases, your dentist can restore or repair injured teeth like there was never any accident at all. Never hesitate to contact your dentist if you are worried that you may need emergency dental care.

Avulsed Tooth

Injuries to teeth can happen anywhere and at any time. A tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth or severely dislocated from its natural position should receive immediate dental care. In many cases, the avulsed tooth can be saved if action is taken immediately. Address any bleeding and ensure that there is no serious head injury that requires medical care. If the tooth has been knocked out completely, keep it in the tooth socket, tucked into the cheek, or in a cup filled with milk until you reach the dentist’s office. Call your dentist immediately for further instructions and emergency dental care.

Damaged Restoration

If you lose a crown or filling, call your dentist right away. You may need immediate care to prevent infection. In many cases, a temporary filling or crown can be placed until a regular appointment can be scheduled. A lost crown should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent shifting of your other teeth.

Severe Toothache

A severe and sudden toothache is an indication of a deep infection in a tooth or in your gums. If you experience intense pain in a tooth or in your jaw, call your dentist immediately. Your infection could be serious, so you should not wait for a regular appointment for treatment. Other signs of infection include swollen gums, sores in your mouth, and the onset of a fever or pain when chewing.

Sanford Dental Excellence understands that dental emergencies often occur at inconvenient times. We offer emergency dental services so you can get the care you need at any time and ensure that your smile stays bright and healthy. Call us at 407-268-6409 or click here to visit our website and find out more about our Lake Mary dental services.

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