Fountain of Youth Dentures

Fountain of Youth Dentures

A lot of people believe that all dentures are the same. If that were true, it’d make sense to shop for them based on price: because the cheaper, the better, right? But the fact is that dentures are very different. Traditional ones limit your comfort, diet, and even your capability of maintaining an active lifestyle as you grow older. That is why you ought to consider Fountain of Youth Dentures, or FOY® Dentures, which provide benefits in appearance, function, fit, and much more.

With Fountain of Youth Dentures, you might enjoy a number of benefits, like:

  • No sunken traditional denture appearance
  • Fewer indications of aging such as turkey neck or jowls
  • Smile is more attractive
  • Better chewing and speech
  • Healthy jaw placement for good posture
  • Dentures last longer
  • Less or no pain with dentures
  • Slower loss of bone

For more details on the benefits of this procedure, read further; however, the best method of appreciating all that Fountain of Youth Dentures offers is to speak with one of our friendly staff members at Sanford Dental Excellence in Sanford, FL today at 407-794-4162 for all of your mature adult dentistry needs.

Fountain of Youth® Dentures: How Do They Work?

Before we explore the benefits, let’s go over how they work. Traditional dentures fit well inside a mouth that doesn’t move. Unfortunately, we all know that your mouth has to move freely to function properly. The FOY (Fountain of Youth) method uses state-of-the-art neuromuscular dentistry that builds prostheses that suitably accommodate the orofacial muscles, nerves, and soft tissues. So, you’ll have the ability to speak, eat, and chew comfortably and accomplish an aesthetically pleasing outcome in the meantime. Read further to learn more information on the benefits of such treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Even Pressure?

The process of traditional denture fitting is somewhat haphazard. It isn’t any surprise that it frequently results in dentures that are ill-fitting. One of the issues of ill-fitting dentures is that it usually causes an imbalance of forces. It places uneven pressure on the gums. All denture users are going to lose jawbone because they no longer have teeth that stimulate the gums, but that uneven pressure may speed up the process of bone loss. Individuals who have ill-fitting dentures suffer faster bone loss underneath pressure spots. Also, uneven pressure may be painful. That denture pressure makes gums sore and red. People who have ill-fitting dentures experience problems wearing dentures all day or even simply using them for eating. In addition, even pressure helps dentures last longer. Uneven pressure may produce a fulcrum effect, which makes the dentures break in half. Along with the solid construction of Fountain of Youth Dentures, even pressure helps them last longer.

What Are the Neuromuscular Benefits?

The conventional denture fitting procedure is a static one. The process designs dentures that are great at sitting on the gums until they go into motion. Moving the jaw to eat, talk, or do other functions might dislodge your conventional dentures. But the process of FOY® Dentures is dynamic here at our dentist in Sanford: the process fits the dentures to muscles in motion. During the process of fitting, Dr. George Mitrogogos stimulates the jaw muscles. It helps form a mold so the dentures will not interfere with your muscle’s range of motion. This helps keep the dentures steady and ensures that you can confidently chew and talk.

The process for fitting FOY® Dentures is also better in one other way. They do not just fit the gums; Dr. Mitrogogos will design them to fit the whole face. We will discuss the rejuvenating benefits later on; however, for now, we’re going to concentrate on the realization that this positions the jaw into a healthy placement. The healthy jaw placement sets up a balance between the skull, neck, and jaw. Besides fostering a healthy posture, it decreases the amount of TMJ-related symptoms–like neck pain, headaches, and jaw pain. In addition, the healthy jaw placement helps the dentures to perform one other important function: balance. The jaw allows you to maintain good core strength and balance. When you have dentures that fit poorly, your agility and strength might suffer. That may expose you to greater fall risk and makes it more difficult to keep up an active lifestyle.

What Are the Functional Benefits?

With better-fitting dentures, you will enjoy an improvement in denture function. Dentures that remain in position while biting and chewing make it easier to eat a broad array of foods. Patients who have FOY® Dentures may frequently enjoy all of the foods they consumed with their natural teeth, even corn on the cob, and steak! Plus, an improvement in fit makes it much easier to talk with Fountain of Youth Dentures. They do not slide out of position to enable air to whistle underneath them or create an annoying click. They sit securely to help clearly form all speech sounds.

Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Benefits

With conventional dentures, there is little thought regarding your smile. Conventional denture smiles enhance stability. That explains why all of them are essentially the same. With Fountain of Youth Dentures, it is possible to personalize your smile, selecting individual teeth in order for you to restore the smile of your youth or accomplish the smile you always envisioned. Dr. Mitrogogos gives you all of the benefits of the most recent techniques and technology in cosmetic dentistry to make sure you receive a smile you are content with. Though, Fountain of Youth Dentures improves more than merely your smile. Their improvement in fit provides better support to the structure of your face. This may decrease the appearance of turkey neck, wrinkles around the mouth, and jowls. You will not receive the typical sunken cheeks that usually come along with dentures. Instead, you will appear years younger. It is like getting a facelift, yet you will not receive that “operated on” appearance. You will appear like you, only younger!

Is Fountain of Youth® Dentures Right for You?

If you’re already using regular dentures, we bet you’ll appreciate how different Fountain of Youth® Dentures can be. Do not keep on suffering with regular dentures. Make a wise choice and contact our dental team at Sanford dentist today to figure out how it’s possible to benefit from Fountain of Youth® Dentures.

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