Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

There are a handful of popular myths surrounding the root canal, but do not be misled by the figure of speech that uses root canal treatment as a metaphor for something unpleasant; this expression is outdated and misguided. A root canal actually saves your natural tooth and restores its function. If you are wondering if root canal treatment is the option for you, read on for some useful information.

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the problem lies within your tooth. Under the enamel, your tooth uses a tough layer of dentin to house the pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and also facilitates the growth of your tooth’s root. Root canal treatment is used to correct infected or inflamed pulp due to a crack in the tooth, too much dental work, or bad tooth decay. If you are experiencing pain from the inside of your tooth, dentists can remove the pulp and replace it with a filling material called gutta-percha. A crown is then placed on the tooth, and it returns to normal function.

Should I Have My Tooth Extracted Instead?

It is always preferable to preserve your original teeth when possible, instead of relying on artificial ones. When you have a tooth extracted, you then need to replace it with a new tooth or a temporary placeholder, both of which require additional dental procedures. On the other hand, root canal treatment can preserve your natural sensation and appearance while keeping neighboring teeth in place, all in one procedure.

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