What are Fountain of Youth Dentures?

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The most advanced and customizable denture available, Fountain of Youth Dentures are a groundbreaking teeth replacement system that can make you look many years younger.

This may seem a bold claim but Fountain of Youth Dentures (FOY) can enhance your appearance like a facelift – without the need for plastic surgery – with fewer wrinkles, less noticeable jowls, and tighter neck skin.

Fountain of Youth Dentures give you a youthful appearance by reinstating and preserving the original proportions of your face after tooth loss. As well as rejuvenating your appearance, FOY Dentures are also more comfortable than regular dentures, with superior functionality.

By providing a better fit, Fountain of Youth Dentures ensure even pressure on the gums, which also avoids the issue of jaw bone breakdown that can occur with standard dentures.

FOY Dentures give you the freedom to smile and laugh, and eat the foods you love, without worrying about the embarrassment of your dentures slipping about or even falling out.

Fountain of Youth Dentures use the latest neuromuscular dental technology that ensures muscles, nerves, and other tissues work together to provide optimal stability for your dentures to dramatically enhance your facial appearance.

Aesthetic Problems With Traditional Dentures

Old-style dentures were designed to replace missing teeth with little regard to cosmetic concerns such as the shape of the face – or the function of the jaw bone.

Badly-fitting dentures can look odd, with prosthetic teeth that are too big or too small. This can also cause your face to fold in or swell out around your dentures.

Conventional dentures may also tilt to give an off-kilter appearance and can make you look older because of factors such as:

  • The replacement teeth tend to sit back in the mouth. This is aimed at improving stability but can make your lips sag.
  • Your mouth may not close properly around the denture, resulting in crumbling of other areas of facial skin, which emphasizes the floppy lips.

Regular dentures can also result in:

  • Turkey neck – skin drooping below the chin.
  • Folds of skin around the mouth.
  • Pronounced jowls beneath the jaw.

Fountain of Youth Dentures eliminate issues like these by:

  • Determining the optimum length for the replacement teeth.
  • Increasing stability and placing your artificial teeth in a more natural position.

How Fountain of Youth Dentures Make You Look Younger

A big problem with traditional dentures is that they can’t fix the issue of jaw bone deterioration that occurs after tooth loss and can twist your face out of shape.

As the jaw weakens, it leads to the sunken facial appearance that can make you look much older than your years.

FOY Dentures restore your original, youthful smile by helping to maintain the structural integrity of the jaw and preserve the natural proportions of your face.

Unlike regular dentures, Fountain of Youth Dentures partially rest on oral muscles, which means constant stimulation of the jaw bone – essential to prevent bone decline, which weakens your facial structure as a whole.

FOY Dentures are also highly customized to look like your natural teeth when you were younger, with materials available in different shades to replicate your gum line.

Who Invented the Fountain of Youth Dentures?

Tales of the mythical Fountain of Youth abound throughout history, fueled by the impossible quest to cheat death. In fact, according to popular legend, Florida was discovered as the result of 16th Century Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon’s obsession with the search for the key to eternal life.

Fast-forward almost 500 years and in the neighboring State of Georgia, we find a Savannah dentist who’s also a man on a mission – to invent a new kind of denture that looks as good as natural teeth and works just as well.

Rod Strickland developed FOY Dentures from 2007 to 2009, drawing on his specialized training after dental school in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry.

While cosmetic dentistry was progressing rapidly at this time, the aesthetic aspect of dentures remained largely neglected. Strickland set out to create dentures that don’t look like dentures. He used materials more commonly associated with the cosmetic benefits of dental veneers and worked on new techniques to make the denture base look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

He also incorporated the concept of smile design to give denture wearers their own unique smile, rather than the same style, size, and shape of denture teeth as everyone else.

Strickland’s training in neuromuscular dentistry told him that dentures couldn’t simply sit on the gums and be expected to fit properly and work as effectively as natural teeth. The result of this insight was dentures that wouldn’t be dislodged by muscle movement but would be held in place by the muscles.

Besides a comfortable fit and excellent function, Strickland’s revolutionary dentures also restored youthful facial appearance by reinforcing the underlying structure of the lower third of the face.

Where Can I Get Fountain of Youth Dentures?

Backed by the latest technology and featuring premium-quality cosmetic replacement teeth, Fountain of Youth Dentures give your face the support it needs for a firm, youthful look. Compared with standard dentures, you’ll get a younger, more natural appearance, with fewer wrinkles, fuller lips, a more defined chin, and a fuller face.

Standard dentures are offered by many dental offices but Fountain of Youth Dentures are only available from select providers.

If you’re looking for a denture that can take years off your appearance, or you’re struggling with problems commonly associated with traditional dentures, a Fountain of Youth Dentures provider can help you decide whether this innovative tooth replacement solution is right for you.

FOY Dentures can also be secured by dental implants for even greater functionality – so you might want to look for a Fountain of Youth dentist who also specializes in implants.

Because FOY Dentures are the most advanced dentures around, they’re more expensive than regular or economy dentures, but they offer the best fit, most comfort, and more functionality – and the cosmetic benefit of making you look 10 to 20 years younger.

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