The Patients Guide to Tooth Extraction

Your dentist may discuss tooth extraction with you to improve your dental health. Tooth extraction can be performed painlessly and full recovery takes one to two weeks. Discuss your extraction procedure beforehand with your dentist in order to understand the specific circumstances of your procedure and any special aftercare instructions.

Bad tooth in the middle of good teeth

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are required for a number of reasons. If a tooth has become deeply infected or damaged, your dentist may suggest removal. Severe gum disease can also damage the tissues holding your tooth in place, causing it to become unstable. In some cases, the patient’s mouth may not have sufficient room for all permanent teeth, particularly the wisdom teeth. If these teeth are impacted or will cause crowding, your dentist may also suggest removing them.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Depending on your procedure, your tooth extraction may be performed under local or general anesthesia. Talk to your dentist if you have any health concerns, including heart or liver trouble. During your procedure, your dentist will remove any bone and gum tissue necessary to extract the tooth. In some cases, the tooth is broken into smaller pieces to facilitate easier removal. After your extraction, your dentist may place stitches in your gums.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Pain and swelling can be managed with over-the-counter medication and ice. Keep your head elevated and avoid smoking, using a straw, rinsing your mouth, or spitting for 24 hours. If you experience any further bleeding, bite down gently on a gauze pad. Brush and floss normally, but avoid the extraction site for a few days. Contact your dentist if your extraction site continues to bleed after 24 hours or if you experience a fever, nausea, or other signs of infection.

At Sanford Dental Excellence, Dr. Seidler and his experienced team will explain your extraction procedure and address your questions and concerns. We offer a variety of dental sedation options to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure. Schedule your appointment with us by calling 321-257-8258 or filling out our online contact form.

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