The Difference of Fountain of Youth Dentures

If you’re looking for a tooth replacement system that’s more comfortable than conventional dentures and will actually enhance your facial appearance, you would be well advised to give Fountain of Youth Dentures some serious thought.

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While traditional dentures can give your face an aged appearance, Fountain of Youth Dentures make you look years younger. The breakthrough in denture technology behind Fountain of Youth Dentures means they also fit better and have a greater degree of functionality.

Traditional dentures can lead to bone deterioration, but Fountain of Youth Dentures solve this problem by providing even pressure across the gums and jaw bone. However, the most likely reason that people opt for Fountain of Youth Dentures is that they can take years off your facial appearance.

Why Conventional Dentures Make You Look Older

When you’re young, your face grows in harmony: bones, muscles, skin, and teeth all developing together. When you lose teeth, your face becomes shorter, giving the appearance of too much fat, muscle, and skin.

This aged appearance is caused by:

  • Skin drooping below the chin (turkey neck).
  • Pleats of tissue around the mouth.
  • Jowls hanging beneath the jaw.

Standard dentures are unable to address these issues because they can’t prevent jaw bone shrinkage, which alters the shape of your face. As the jaw diminishes, it results in the sunken and hollow facial appearance that can make an individual look much older.

How Fountain of Youth Dentures Can Make You Look Younger

Fountain of Youth Dentures make you appear youthful by restoring and maintaining your face’s original proportions. Besides giving you back your natural, beautiful smile, Fountain of Youth Dentures can result in fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, a stronger chin, and a tighter neck.

Fountain of Youth Dentures use neuromuscular dental technology that works with muscles, nerves, and tissues to provide optimal positioning that can significantly improve the appearance of your face. Fountain of Youth Dentures can also prevent loss of volume and sagging around the jaw and cheeks, which frequently contributes to an aging appearance.

The fit of dentures also plays an important role when it comes to a natural appearance.

Badly-fitting dentures can look strange in your mouth, with the teeth being too small or too large. This can cause your face to fold in or puff out around your dentures. Conventional dentures may also be tilted, giving you an off-balance appearance. Loose dentures may click and slip when you talk.

Fountain of Youth Dentures are designed to fit the natural proportions of your face. They are the right width and height and they don’t shift out of place. They are also made to look like your natural teeth when you were younger – restoring your face’s youthful proportions.

What Are Fountain of Youth Dentures Made Of?

While teeth and gums obviously look different, cheap dentures often appear unnatural because the same material is used for the whole unit – the base and the teeth. This material is typically polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Although it’s durable, trying to replicate your teeth and gums with the same material inevitably makes them look fake.

Fountain of Youth Dentures uses Phonares teeth, an advanced ceramic tooth replacement system developed by a leading manufacturer of materials for cosmetic dentistry.

The teeth in economy dentures are mass manufactured but Phonares teeth are individually designed, so they look like they belong in your mouth and give you a natural-looking smile. Phonares teeth also have a natural sheen like dental enamel.

The base of traditional dentures frequently has a reddish appearance that doesn’t look like gum tissue. The bases of Fountain of Youth Dentures are made with a special layering technique that makes them look normal. They are also partly see-through like gums and they are custom-made to produce a natural-looking gum line.

Cosmetic Benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures

With regular dentures, appearance tends to be a secondary concern. With Fountain of Youth Dentures, dentists use the most advanced materials and techniques to ensure your dentures are far more functional than traditional dentures and make you look years younger.

Fountain of Youth Dentures provides cosmetic benefits such as:

  • A beautiful, natural smile.
  • Chin, cheek and lip support.
  • Facial rejuvenation similar to a facelift.
  • Renewal of your face’s youthful proportions.
  • Good-looking teeth with a natural appearance.
  • Natural-looking gum tissue in customized shades.

Health Benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures

Besides cosmetic benefits, Fountain of Youth Dentures uses the latest technology to eliminate the issue of jaw bone deterioration associated with conventional dentures.

The bone that tooth roots are attached to expects the stimulation provided by normal chewing and biting. As long as you have natural teeth and no disease is present, the upper and lower jaws remain healthy.

However, traditional dentures fit on top of gum tissue, so they cannot provide the even pressure the jaw is accustomed to.

Fountain of Youth Dentures are designed for a better fit that rests partly on muscles to provide uniform pressure across the gums and jaw bone, and they position your bite for maximum functionality and stability. They ensure a bite guaranteeing optimal muscle function, which also provides maximum facial support.

Are Fountain of Youth Dentures a Good Investment?

Fountain of Youth Dentures are more expensive than regular dentures but provide a higher level of function and comfort and a greatly-enhanced facial appearance.

Making these dentures entails:

  • An in-depth knowledge of facial aesthetics.
  • The latest technology.
  • Premium-quality cosmetic teeth.

The dentures that function best also look the best. Fountain of Youth Dentures are the most customized dentures available, providing the best fit, function and facial appearance. They can also be secured with implants, to improve functionality even further.

Patients at Sanford Dental Excellence who have had Fountain of Youth Dentures fitted report that they look 10 to 20 years younger.

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