The Difference Mini Dental Implants Can Make

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Mini dental implants might be small – as the name suggests – but they can make a big difference when it comes to your smile. As an anchor for replacement teeth, mini implants offer a more aesthetic alternative to traditional dentures. They can also be used in cases where regular dental implants are not appropriate.

Mini implants keep your smile intact and won’t embarrass you by shifting or slipping like dentures tend to do. A further benefit of mini implants is that the procedure avoids the invasive surgery required to fit standard dental implants – and that’s certainly something to smile about!

Unlike regular implants, the mini versions can be used if you lack sufficient quantity of quality bone mass in your jaw – a situation that rules out routine implants, without bone grafting.

If you expose unsightly gaps in your teeth when you smile, mini implants can fix the problem almost instantly. While getting regular dental implants can be a lengthy process, mini implants can generally be installed during a single visit to your dentist.

Artificial teeth supported by mini dental implants not only give you an awesome smile but also restore the self-confidence that goes with it. Besides enhancing your smile and self-regard, mini implants can also improve your oral health.

How Mini Dental Implants Enhance Your Smile

A standard dental implant is a rod that’s surgically inserted into the jaw bone as a tooth root replacement, which enables your dentist to fit synthetic teeth or a dental bridge. Mini implants do the same job but, being smaller in diameter, eliminate the need for invasive surgery.

The Mini Dental Implant Centers of America1 (MDICA) define a mini implant as a titanium post with a ball on the end and a socket with a rubber O-ring to attach the tooth. MDICA says mini implants are effective in supporting crowns, dentures, and bridges.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry2 (AAID) says mini implants are also suitable for securing slack and lower-arch dentures. While upper dentures are usually fairly secure, lower dentures can over time become loose through loss of jaw bone support, leading to a poor fit that can cause discomfort as well as wreck your smile.

Dentists can typically place mini implants with local anesthetic in a single appointment without the need for stitches. Recovery time is practically instantaneous.

Having missing teeth can spoil your smile and lower your self-esteem. Mini dental implants address this problem by allowing you to carry on with everyday activities – like smiling, laughing, eating and talking – with confidence.

While enhancing your appearance, mini implants also improve your oral health.

Health Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants safeguard the stability of your teeth and supporting bone structure, which is crucial in preventing future oral health problems.

Titanium is used for implants because the metal is biocompatible and will not trigger a negative reaction from the body. Implants are unique in dentistry because they actually encourage growth of bone around the titanium post, which anchors the implant securely.

If you wear conventional dentures, you run the risk of bone loss in your jaw. This happens because the bone will deteriorate without stimulation from a tooth root. Implants offer an effective solution as robust tooth root replacements.

Mini dental implants also improve your bite. The biting force of dentures is much weaker than that of natural teeth. The bite force of implants is as strong as natural teeth. You can eat practically anything you want to, as opposed to having to avoid certain nutritious foods.

A further advantage of implants is that, unlike conventional bridges, they do not have to be anchored to other teeth. Implants require no adjustments to surrounding teeth, and they help to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting out of place.

Cosmetic Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Visible gaps caused by missing teeth can ruin your smile and be a source of embarrassment resulting in plummeting self-confidence. The loss of just one back tooth can devastate your smile by bending your mouth out of shape and making you look older.

Implants – both regular and mini – boast a range of unique advantages over other cosmetic dental procedures.

They give you a bright, natural smile because they can be shade-matched to your remaining natural teeth. As well as looking like natural teeth, implants also function in the same way, so no one will realize they aren’t the real thing.

One of the main differences mini dental implants can make for your smile is that by promoting new bone growth, they help to prevent deterioration of your facial appearance, becoming part of your jaw and maintaining its structural integrity.

Natural teeth are rarely uniform in shape and size. Dental implants avoid these irregularities to make your smile straighter and more even.

Implants provide a permanent solution to replace lost teeth or stabilize a denture, and they can give you a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Mini dental implants have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years as a means of replacing a single tooth or several teeth. Many patients choose this option because of the huge difference mini dental implants can make in allowing you to smile with self-assurance.

Want to Know More About the Difference Mini Dental Implants Can Make For Your Smile?

To find out more about the difference mini dental implants can make for your smile, talk to a dentist with expertise and experience in cosmetic dentistry and fitting mini implants.

Whether mini implants are the best option for you depends mainly on the condition of your jaw and mouth, and a dentist specializing in mini implants3 can help you to make an informed decision.

If you are a suitable candidate for mini implants, an implant dentist will be able to offer a personalized treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

In some instances – such as bone degeneration issues or patients who have chronic ailments – mini implants may be the only implant option. In other cases, a mini implant can provide a short-term fix until a more permanent solution is possible.



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