The Benefits of Dentures

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Teeth are essential because they allow us to eat in comfort and to smile, laugh and talk with others without feeling embarrassed. Even losing a single tooth can be upsetting and can affect the function of the remaining teeth. Ideally, natural teeth will last for life, but the reality is that many of us will lose one or more teeth to trauma or disease and will need to consider ways to replace them. Dentures are a tried and tested method of restoring missing teeth and have been used for centuries.

They offer an affordable and non-invasive solution for tooth loss and can replace multiple missing teeth or even an entire arch. Modern dentures look fantastic and are very different from dentures worn by your parents or grandparents!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic appliances and are designed to closely mimic the appearance of real teeth, ensuring your smile looks as natural as possible. A full denture replaces a complete arch of teeth in either your upper or lower jaw or in both. If you need a full upper denture, it will also cover your upper palate because this provides enough suction to ensure the denture is held more firmly in place. Lower dentures have a horseshoe shape, resting on the bony ridge that used to support your natural teeth.

Partial dentures can fill in the gaps left by a one or more missing teeth. Dentures are fabricated with a gum-colored acrylic base that supports the replacement teeth. Partial dentures are often strengthened with a lightweight metal substructure that makes them easier and more comfortable to wear. A partial denture will frequently have metal clasps made to fit around existing teeth and which will hold the denture securely in place. It’s also possible to have partial dentures with what are called special attachments that fit into crowns on your natural teeth, helping to hold the denture in position.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Dentures?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing dentures is that they can work in a way that is very like real teeth.

Improved Speech

Missing teeth makes it harder to pronounce certain words clearly because normally your tongue will push up against your teeth to create specific sounds. With dentures, once you get accustomed to the wearing them, you should find you can speak perfectly normally.

Enjoy a Greater Range of Foods

When you have a set of well-made dentures, you should find it easy to eat a greater range of foods. If you have been without teeth for a while, then your nutrition could improve which can also benefit your general health.

Your Confidence Is Restored

When you know your teeth look good, then it can be a huge boost to confidence and self-esteem. Feeling better about yourself can positively affect your personal and professional relationships, helping you to enjoy life to the full.

Easy to Maintain

Dentures are easy to look after as they are removed for regular cleaning. One thing to bear in mind is that you will need to be gentle with your dentures, so clean them over a towel or bowl of water because if you drop them, they will most likely crack or break. Also, it is best to leave your dentures out overnight because it gives your gums a chance to recover.

A Better Choice for Nervous Patients

All too often, people who suffer from severe dental anxieties will fail to visit the dentist regularly, and these are the very people who can end up losing teeth. When this happens, the mere thought of undergoing invasive dental treatment can seem very intimidating, but dentures offer a way to replace teeth without the need to undergo lengthy treatments requiring a local anesthetic. Instead, the process for fabricating dentures is very straightforward and should feel quite comfortable.

A Quick Overview of How Dentures Are Made

Initially, our Sanford dentist Dr. George Mitrogogos will need to take an impression of your mouth. The impression is used by the dental laboratory to fabricate what’s called a special tray which is made to fit exactly in your mouth. Once the special tray is made, our dentist can take a more precise impression which is used to fabricate your dentures. Also, we will take specific measurements, recording essential dimensions in your mouth so the denture will be the correct height and width to provide the proper support for your cheeks and lips. Dr. Mitrogogos will help you select your denture teeth, and all the information is sent back to the dental laboratory.

Next, your denture is made in the dental laboratory using a wax base to support your chosen denture teeth. The wax denture is tried in your mouth during your next visit, so Dr. Mitrogogos can check it fits correctly, allows you to bite and chew, and of course, you can see how it will look. It is a fantastic opportunity to preview your new denture before it is finished, and at a stage when any adjustments are easily made. Once you are happy with the wax denture, it is returned to the dental laboratory for finishing, and the wax base is replaced with suitably colored acrylic resin. Your denture is tried in and adjusted if needed at your next visit and we may suggest you have a follow-up visit shortly afterward just to check your denture feels entirely comfortable.

Allow Plenty of Time to Get Used to Wearing Dentures

When you initially begin to wear dentures, it is perfectly natural for them to feel a little strange but persevere, and they should quickly become more comfortable and easier to wear. Also, you may need to practice speaking and eating with your dentures. It can be useful to start with a softer diet, choosing foods that are easy to chew and gradually introducing harder foods as you become more accustomed to wearing your dentures. There is also an alternative treatment to think about and which is to have implant-retained dentures. These are dentures which clip onto dental implants which are small posts inserted into your jawbone. The implants hold the denture firmly in place so it cannot move.

To discover more about all the different types of dentures we offer, including implant-retained dentures, contact Sanford Dental Excellence to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mitrogogos.

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