The Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry keeps patients comfortable during dentistry procedures. It is beneficial for those who have dental anxiety or for the ones going through lengthy treatment. Options involve intravenous (IV) sedation, oral conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide. Dentists have to have a special certification to offer some types of sedation dentistry.

Who Is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Patients of all ages may benefit from sedation dentistry, which includes children. Dental professionals frequently advise this solution for those who have:

  • Special needs (which include behavioral, cognitive, and physical).
  • A hard time controlling movements
  • A decreased sensitivity to local anesthetics
  • Claustrophobic feelings when in a dental chair
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Aichmophobia (fear of needles)
  • Overly sensitive gag reflex
  • Fear of going to a dentist
  • Dental anxiety

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are several reasons to speak with a dentist about sedation dentistry. Whether you are worried that it will be uncomfortable and you feel anxious about a procedure, sedation will help put these frustrations and fears to rest and make the next dental session more pleasant. If you are anxious about the next dental procedure or concerned about comfort, consider the following benefits of sedation dentistry.

Dental Sedation May Decrease Anxiety

Dental phobia and dental anxiety are real medical concerns. Roughly 60 percent of people worldwide confess to experiencing some type of fear regarding the dentist. The majority of peoples’ fears are unfounded. Other ones have had an unpleasant visit to their dentist in the past, leaving them somewhat hesitant to go again. Patients feel a sense of dread when even thinking about visiting the dentist. As a result, they might avoid going to their dentist altogether, placing their oral health at severe risk.

If you fear going to a dentist, you will want something to assist you in overcoming that fear in order for you to maintain your oral health. The best benefit of dental sedation includes helping to calm you before, during, and after a procedure. It helps place you at ease, in order for you to receive treatment. Because the last thing you should do is to delay preventing something curable such as gum disease.

Sedation Dentistry May Reduce Discomfort

You do not have to experience a fear of the dental provider, to ask about sedation dentistry. People who need to have extensive dental work done also should ask for more information about sedation since it may help to keep them relaxed and comfortable during lengthy procedures.

Just the mere thought of pain might cause you to become tense. People who have a low threshold for pain, sensitive teeth, and sensitive gag reflexes also should get more information on dental sedation since it may help to relax them during their following dental session. Relaxing is a simple method of reducing your discomfort during any type of dental treatment.

It is vital to bear in mind that dental sedation on its own may help decrease discomfort and anxiety. But to manage pain, the dentist will give you anesthesia.

Options for Sedation Dentistry

The kind of sedation you will need depends on your worries, fears, and the kind of treatment you are undergoing. If you are frightened of feeling overly sedated, you should choose laughing gas rather than oral or intravenous sedation. But if you suffer from severe anxiety during dental treatments, IV sedation might be the best solution. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from in order for you to feel the most comfortable at your next visit to the dentist.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas is the most common kind of dental sedation. Prior to the treatment, the dental professional will put a mask on the person’s nose and request that they breathe regularly. Nitrous oxide works rapidly and calms the patient before the treatment starts, increasing pain tolerance, and decreasing anxiety. Plus, laughing gas quickly wears off.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This type of sedation involves people taking a prescribed medication before the procedure to assist in reducing anxiety. Usually, patients take the medication one hour before being treated so that once they reach the dental clinic, they are already relaxed. They are responsive and conscious during treatment, but a little drowsy.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

IV sedation (also referred to as conscious sedation) assists in further reducing discomfort and anxiety. During intravenous sedation, the anesthesiologist sedates the patient. The medicine acts quickly as it enters the patient’s bloodstream. Under intravenous sedation, patients are still conscious, but a lot less aware during the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry Is a Safe Method

Sedation dentistry is a safe method that has very few side effects if administered by a trained professional. The majority of dental professionals have training about how to administer nitrous oxide. But oral health care specialists require extra training to administer IV and oral sedation. That means you will be in safe hands with a fully trusted and trained professional.

Note that if you have hypertension, diabetes, or any type of respiratory or heart disease, you should share those details with the dentist ahead of time. Plus, make sure that you mention all allergic reactions you have had to anesthetics in the past.

Fast Recovery Time

Depending on your chosen sedation dentistry method, your recovery time may be relatively fast. Nitrous oxide wears off in about 2 minutes after you quit inhaling it. Both IV and oral sedation require more time, with intravenous sedation taking longer to completely wear off. But you ought to feel normal after a full night’s rest.

Ask Your Sanford Dentist About Sedation Dentistry

Do not allow anxiety to prevent you from getting the dental treatment you deserve. Maintaining good oral health is not only about cosmetic dentistry but also about preventing harmful diseases such as periodontitis that might impact your overall health. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist or interested in hearing more about the advantages of sedation dentistry, you should contact the Sanford oral conscious sedation dentist at Sanford Dental Excellence.

And if you reside in the Sanford, FL area, you should check out our Sanford dentist. We are a top-rated, Sanford, Florida-based dental practice. Come out and experience a team of board-certified dental specialists prepared to help keep you smiling long after leaving our clinic!

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