The Advantages of Porcelain for Tooth Restorations

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In recent years, many dentists have made the switch to porcelain as the material of choice for tooth restorations. Porcelain has many advantages when compared to traditional dental amalgam filling materials. Your Orlando dentist will be happy to discuss your restoration options with you and help you understand why porcelain may be the best choice for your dental treatment.


Porcelain is a great material for restorative dental work because it is strong and durable. Your teeth are put under a great deal of pressure each day as you chew food. A tooth restoration needs to be able to withstand these forces over time. The longer the lifetime of your restoration, the more it saves you in time and money. Porcelain fillings and dental restorations can last for well over 15 years, while on average, amalgam dental restorations last only 12 years.


Traditional dental amalgam is only used for small dental fillings and cannot restore large areas of a tooth’s structure. However, if a large portion of your tooth is affected by damage or decay, a porcelain onlay or inlay can effectively restore it. Porcelain is also used in dental crowns, which have many purposes in dentistry. A broken tooth or a tooth that has undergone a root canal may need a crown to provide added stability. Dental bridges are also supported by crowns on adjacent healthy teeth, and dental implants require a crown to restore the natural look of your smile. In all of these cases, the dental crown can be made from porcelain.


When you receive a dental filling using amalgam, the filling is metal-colored and stands out against your natural teeth. Porcelain, however, can be colored to exactly match your existing tooth surface. Porcelain inlays, onlays, and crowns blend seamlessly with the natural look of your smile for completely invisible dental restorations.

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