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A mini dental implant is a special kind of replacement for missing teeth. As with their full-sized dental implants, mini dental implants offer a permanent structure that replaces missing teeth. Regular dental implants replace missing teeth, but they aren’t the right choice for everyone. For the ones who have missing teeth and want dental implants, the mini version might be the ideal solution.

As its name suggests, specific elements of a mini dental implant are smaller than a regular dental implant. But the part that appears above a person’s gum line is the same; therefore, a mini dental implant looks, feels, and functions the same as traditional dental implants or natural teeth.

About Dental Implants and Tooth Loss

Missing teeth may impact the look of a smile and possibly change the shape of an individual’s face, but tooth loss is more than merely a cosmetic problem. For example, missing teeth may impact the way a person’s jaw functions, which might lead to uneven wear on teeth. Also, having one or more teeth missing may prevent someone from properly chewing their food, possibly leading to digestive problems or even altering the person’s diet. Missing teeth create gaps between teeth; nearby teeth may drift into unoccupied areas to produce misaligned teeth and worsen jaw issues, bite problems, and uneven wear on a tooth.

In addition, teeth keep a person’s jawbone healthy. When chewing and biting, teeth apply pressure to a person’s jawbone. That pressure stimulates the bone to assist it in retaining its bulk. Without tooth pressure, bone loss may occur.

Dentures provide an adequate solution to missing teeth in that they’ll fill in the gap that is left by missing teeth and they’ll work well for chewing and biting. But dentures don’t always feel and look like natural teeth; they may fall out, slip, and make it challenging to eat certain foods or speak clearly. Furthermore, dentures frequently need more care than natural teeth.

Implants are strong screws that are inserted into a person’s jawbone that support a ceramic crown, looking and feeling just like natural teeth. A conventional implant typically makes up two pieces and has a diameter of 3.25mm – 5mm. They are able to hold removable dentures or one replacement tooth in place – though, unlike conventional dentures, implants never slide or slip.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini-implants offer several of the same excellent benefits as traditional implants; however, might feature multiple benefits that conventional dental implants don’t offer. As a matter of fact, they’re frequently an exceptional solution for those who can’t have regular implants because of bone loss.

More notably, mini-implants are smaller than full-size dental implants and measure less than 3 millimeters in diameter. They consist of a one-piece screw, including a ball-shaped end protruding from the jawbone that supports a replacement tooth.

Positioning mini-implants also requires less invasive methods. Our Sanford dentist positions the toothpick-sized dental implants over the gum’s surface, whereas dentists position regular dental implants underneath the gums. Because the process of placing mini-implants is less involved, it will only require local anesthetics and no stitches – healing time is also faster.

Mini-implants may offer a lot of the same outstanding benefits as traditional implants. For example, they function, feel, and look like natural teeth, and won’t slide or slip like dentures. The replacement teeth prevent nearby teeth from drifting, improve the capability of biting and chewing, and don’t interfere with eating or speaking. Mini dental implants will require precisely the same care as natural teeth – brushing teeth two times a day, flossing one time a day, and seeing a dentist for routine checkups. And best of all, they restore the healthy look of an attractive smile.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Need more proof? The following list of benefits covers what one can expect to experience while choosing to go with mini dental implants to replace missing teeth. Understand that it’s just a smaller version of a regular implant.

Mini Dental Implants May Be Used When Normal Dental Implants Are Too Large.

When a patient doesn’t have enough bone to be approved for a full-size implant, it’s likely that a mini dental implant will be the better option. The reason that smaller dental implants work better is that their diameter is smaller and thereby they’ll oftentimes fit into a space in which a full-size implant won’t.

Mini Dental Implants Promote a Healthy Jawbone.

Once an implant gets inserted into the jawbone by our Sanford dentist using sedation, it will promote the health of the jawbone because the jawbone is again being stimulated. Dental implants also have the ability to help people avoid having a sunken facial appearance, which may happen when they go with a tooth replacement solution such as traditional dentures.

Mini Dental Implants Look Like Natural Teeth.

An implant not only functions like a natural tooth, it also appears like a natural tooth. These days, an increasing number of patients are opting for natural-looking replacement options, since they still want to continuously feel confident when they smile even if they’re missing teeth.

Mini Implants May Be Positioned in One Dental Session.

Because of their size, mini dental implants may be positioned into a person’s mouth in only one dental visit, making the dental implant process a lot easier and quicker as compared with the process of positioning full-sized implants.

They’re a Permanent Option for Tooth Replacement.

When a mini-implant is positioned in a person’s mouth through the use of Sanford Dental’s oral conscious sedation, it’s permanent. It makes it critical for people who choose dental implants to replace one or more of the teeth to correctly care for them, as with natural teeth.

Are they the right option for you?

To find out more information on mini dental implants, get in touch with our dentist in Sanford. Sanford Dental Excellence’s team of committed professionals will help you determine if they’re the right solution for replacing one or more teeth.

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