Have You Heard About Fountain of Youth Dentures?

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If you need to replace missing teeth or are currently struggling with ill-fitting dentures, you may not have heard about Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures.

While many people worry that conventional dentures will make them look older, FOY Dentures rejuvenate your appearance with a highly customized, natural smile that uniquely matches the shape of your face and reflects your personality.

FOY Dentures also offer higher levels of functionality and comfort. As the most customized denture available, they provide the best possible fit and stability.

Fountain of Youth Dentures achieve facelift-like results without the surgery. They’re also a non-surgical option to dental implants, or can be used in conjunction with implants.

How Do Fountain of Youth Dentures Work?

FOY Dentures are designed to match your entire facial structure, not just your mouth. They’re the result of cutting-edge neuromuscular dental technology, working in harmony with facial muscles, nerves, and other tissues to create the optimal appearance.

FOY Dentures can make you look 10 to 20 years younger because they achieve the correct balance between teeth and surrounding bones. This reduces or eliminates many signs of facial aging such as sagging skin or a sunken appearance.

Unlike standard dentures, Fountain of Youth Dentures rest in part on muscles, applying even pressure on the gums. This constantly stimulates jaw bone – critical to prevent bone deterioration that weakens facial structure.

What Makes FOY Dentures Different?

The way Fountain of Youth Dentures are made differs from traditional denture fabrication.

The FOY Dentures process combines neuromuscular dentistry with cosmetic dentistry to achieve its advantages over regular dentures.

Neuromuscular dentistry centers on how the teeth and facial muscles, nerves, bones, and jaw joints work together. Neuromuscular dental treatments like FOY Dentures give patients optimal alignment of their bite.

Fountain of Youth Dentures were developed by Georgia dentist Rod Strickland in the late 2000s. He used cosmetic materials usually associated with dental veneers. He also came up with new ideas to make the denture base look more natural, and incorporated smile design principles.

The result was a groundbreaking denture that restored youthful facial appearance by reinforcing the underlying structure of the lower third of the face.

Standard dentures have a plastic base and plastic teeth. Fountain of Youth Dentures look more natural because they have ceramic teeth and an acrylic glass base.

Advantages of Fountain of Youth Dentures

FOY Dentures offer significant advantages compared with traditional dentures.

One of the main reasons people choose Fountain of Youth Dentures is because they reinvigorate facial appearance and restore self-confidence.

Regular dentures may give you replacement teeth but they can’t resolve the aesthetic problem of tooth loss –aging, shortened facial appearance with excessive, droopy skin.

Without the stimulus of a tooth root, jaw bone starts to waste away, no longer supporting facial structure properly. Conventional dentures speed up this bone loss because of stress on the gums and bone.

There are two other problems with the artificial teeth of conventional dentures.

They’re often too long, so your mouth doesn’t close around them properly. This results in more wrinkles and sagging facial tissue. The replacement teeth also tend to sit too far back in the mouth, which can lead to partial collapse of the lips.

Fountain of Youth Dentures overcome these issues by maintaining the natural proportions of your face to restore your original smile.

Other benefits of FOY Dentures compared with traditional dentures include:

  • Better fit. Fountain of Youth Dentures take into account mouth movement and are supported by muscles as well as bone. This makes them far more stable and secure than standard dentures.
  • More comfort. FOY Dentures avoid discomfort caused by the pressure of regular dentures and can avoid complications such as headaches and neck pain that some people get through an irregular bite with traditional dentures.
  • Greater functionality. Fountain of Youth Dentures are designed to optimize functions such as talking, eating, and laughing.

FOY Dentures With Implants

Although designed to be used without dental implants, Fountain of Youth Dentures can be adapted to work with implants to maximize bite function while rejuvenating your smile.

Implant-supported traditional dentures may in some cases still feel unnatural and fail to restore your smile properly.

Fountain of Youth Dentures are ideal implant dentures. And because implants promote healthy bone structure, the functional and aesthetic benefits of FOY Dentures will last longer. Furthermore, dental implants can last a lifetime.

The dentures can be removable or permanently attached.

FOY Dentures as an Alternative to Implants

Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. For instance, you may have an insufficient quality bone in your jaw, which would necessitate a bone graft in order to place an implant. Or you might want to avoid the surgery involved in the dental implant process. In these cases, Fountain of Youth Dentures provide a highly effective alternative to implants.

Are Fountain of Youth Dentures Right for Me?

Fountain of Youth Dentures will probably be the right choice to replace your missing teeth or your current dentures if one or more of the following considerations apply to you:

  • You prefer a non-surgical solution to tooth loss.
  • You’re not a good candidate for dental implants.
  • You want a superior, state-of-the-art denture with full functionality.
  • You want a comfortable denture that will take years of your facial appearance.

An FOY Dentures provider can help you make an informed decision on whether this revolutionary tooth replacement system is right for you.

How Can I Pay for My Fountain of Youth Dentures?

Unlike regular dentures, FOY Dentures use premium-quality artificial teeth and hi-tech bases. This – and the expertise involved in making and fitting the dentures – is why they’re more expensive than traditional dentures.

However, people who get Fountain of Youth Dentures see their multiple benefits as a worthwhile long-term investment.

Like standard dentures, FOY Dentures may be covered to some extent by dental insurance. Many FOY dentists also offer financing options so you can spread the cost of your dentures.

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