FOY® Dentures a Quality Alternative for Cancer Survivors With Tooth Loss

In general, dental implants are the best tooth replacement option. Implant dentures give better results than traditional dentures in almost all cases.

However, dental implants might not be the best option for people who developed head and neck cancers. Oral cancer and thyroid cancer can lead to tooth loss, but they can also make it hard to replace teeth with dental implants. You might think this will force you to accept poorly fitting and unattractive traditional dentures.

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It’s not true. You can still get attractive and highly functional replacement teeth thanks to the Denture Fountain of Youth®.

Learn How Foy® Dentures Can Replace Your Teeth

Cancer Impacts Dental Implant Success

For most people, dental implants have a very high success rate and a long survival period. In the general population, dental implant initial success might be as high as 98%, with more than 90% of implants expected to last 20 years or more.

However, for people who had cancer, especially those with oral cancers who got radiation treatment that impacted the jaws, dental implant success might be much less likely. A recent study (2021) of patients getting dental implants after oral cancer treatment showed a five-year survival rate of just 87% and a 10-year survival rate of 80%. This was based on over 700 implants placed by experienced surgeons in 164 patients. However, the studies are not all in agreement. One shows a success rate of over 95% for oral cancer patients who received surgical treatment of oral cancer (not radiation therapy), while others show integration rates as low as 63% (less than two out of three).

If you are considering dental implants after cancer, talk to your oncologist as well as an implant dentist.

FOY® Dentures Solve Many Denture Problems

When you find out you’re not a good candidate for dental implants, you might think that unattractive, uncomfortable, and poorly functioning traditional dentures are your only choice. However, there is another option. FOY® Dentures can give you great results without dental implants.

Traditional dentures are often unattractive. Made with cheap materials, poorly designed, and poorly fitted, these dentures look fake. However, Dentures Don’t Have to Look Like Dentures Anymore®. FOY® Dentures use the latest materials and follow the best practices in cosmetic dentistry. You might get the best smile of your life. The custom design lets you get the smile of your dreams or recreate the smile of your youth.

A precision fitting process helps FOY® Dentures fit tightly. They stay in place all day comfortably. Many traditional dentures come out of the box in a few sizes, with limited ability for customization. FOY® Dentures are custom fitted, which helps them fit even if cancer or reconstructive surgery has altered the size or shape of your jaw.

The great fit of FOY® Dentures helps balance forces on your gums. This can reduce or eliminate sore spots so that you can enjoy more comfort wearing FOY® Dentures.

Improved fit helps FOY® Dentures function better. They give you more ability to eat challenging foods so you can enjoy a full range of healthy foods. While traditional dentures might require you to give up many of your favorite foods, you can keep enjoying them–or enjoy them again–with FOY® Dentures.

Combining FOY® Dentures With Dental Implants

However, you should consider FOY® Dentures if you can get dental implants. It’s possible to combine FOY® Dentures with dental implants.

FOY® Dentures make great implant dentures. All the things that make them great dentures without implants still matter when you get dental implants. You still want great-fitting dentures that utilize the best materials and design to achieve an attractive smile. The fit helps your dentures feel comfortable, and the advanced materials help them hold up under the stresses of dental implant wear.

FOY® Dentures also work well opposite implant dentures. The risk of implant failure after cancer treatment is much lower in the mandible (lower jaw). You might decide to get implant dentures in your lower arch, but utilize non-implant dentures in the upper arch. The comfort of improved fit is especially important in this case, as it helps distribute the increased forces related to implant dentures. You’ll also appreciate the wear resistance of FOY® Dentures, as working against implants can quickly wear out traditional dentures.

Are FOY® Dentures Right for You?

If you have lost your teeth related to cancer treatment, you might be looking for an alternative to dental implants that still combines attractiveness, comfort, and functionality you can’t get from traditional dentures. FOY ® Dentures can give you great results, with or without dental implants.

To learn if FOY ® Dentures is right for you, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today to schedule an appointment.

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