Foods and Drinks That Can Discolor Your Smile

Although tooth enamel is strong, it is also porous. Over time, the foods and drinks you consume can stain the enamel and discolor your teeth. Avoiding the worst offenders can help you maintain a brighter smile. Dentists recommend this rule of thumb: if a food or drink would stain a white tablecloth, it will also stain your white teeth. Brightly-colored berries, beets, soy sauce, tomato sauce, curry, and artificially-colored candies all lead to tooth stains and discoloration. Additionally, tea, coffee, and sports drinks, and wine can both stain tooth enamel and make it weaker and more susceptible to other staining agents. Other beverages such as pomegranate, grape, and cranberry juice can also darken the look of your smile.

Strawberry and blue berry

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