Common Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

A root canal, also known as endodontic therapy, is a procedure in which the inside of a tooth is cleaned and sealed. In the past, many people used to fear the thought of a root canal—but thanks to advances in sedation dentistry, patients can now undergo root canal therapy in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Read this article to help determine if you may require a root canal.

Root Canal Therapy

Abscessed Tooth

One of the first reasons a root canal may be necessary is to treat an abscessed tooth. A tooth becomes abscessed when bacteria and decay infect the tooth and cause a pus-filled pocket to form at the end of the tooth roots. It is important for abscesses to be treated through root canal therapy in order to prevent a number of complications, including swelling to other areas of the face and neck, bone loss at the tooth root, and drainage problems coming from the roots.

Infected Dental Pulp

Root canal therapy is also necessary to treat infections affecting the dental pulp, or the collection of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues located inside the center of the tooth. The dental pulp may become infected due to deep decay, repeated procedures on a single tooth, and the presence of large fillings.

Damage or Injury

Individuals who suffer a traumatic injury may require root canal therapy to save a tooth if the dental pulp becomes damaged. This usually includes teeth that have become chipped, fractured, or dislodged.

Here at Sanford Dental Excellence, Dr. Seidler understands that undergoing a root canal can be a scary experience even if you do not suffer from dental anxiety. That’s why we offer oral sedation and IV sedation methods in a safe, comfortable environment. Give our Sanford dental office a call at 407-268-6409 to learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry. You can also visit us online for more information.

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