Benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures

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One of the key benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures – as the name suggests –is that they can actually make you look younger, unlike conventional dentures, which tend to give your face an aging appearance.

Fountain of Youth (FOY) appliances are an innovation in denture technology and look so natural that it’s unlikely friends or colleagues will realize your replacement teeth aren’t the real thing.

Besides taking years off your appearance, FOY Dentures are also more functional and comfortable than regular dentures. Fountain of Youth Dentures fit better by ensuring even pressure on the gums. This also avoids the problem of jawbone deterioration associated with traditional dentures.

Why Standard Dentures Can Make You Look Older

There are two main reasons why traditional dentures can age your appearance.

Firstly, the artificial teeth tend to sit farther back in your mouth. This is aimed at increasing stability but can lead to a partial collapse of your lips.

Secondly, the teeth of conventional dentures tend to be too long, so your mouth doesn’t close around them properly, resulting in more wrinkling and sagging of the facial skin, which emphasizes the drooping lips.

FOY Dentures overcome these issues by providing increased stability that puts their teeth in a more natural position to support the lips and taking precise measurements to determine the ideal height for the teeth.

How Fountain of Youth Dentures Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Regular dentures can’t fix the fundamental cosmetic problem of tooth loss, which makes your face appear older and shorter, with excessive skin, muscle, and fat.

Fountain of Youth Dentures, however, avoid issues such as:

  • Jowls drooping below the jaw.
  • Loose skin below the chin.
  • Folds of tissue around the mouth.

Problems like these are caused by shrinkage of jawbone following tooth loss, which can bend your face out of shape, causing the hollow, sunken appearance that many wearers of traditional dentures have to put up with.

Fountain of Youth Dentures help to preserve the natural proportions of your face, restoring your original smile. They’re also designed to look like your natural teeth – but when you were younger – and feature natural-looking material to replicate the gums in customized shades.

Further benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures include:

  • Well-shaped lips.
  • A firmer neck.
  • A less wrinkled appearance.
  • A firmer chin.

How Does Fountain of Youth Dentures Work?

FOY Dentures can bring about an amazing transformation compared with regular dentures because of their hallmark advantages of:

  • A better fit.
  • Higher level of functionality.
  • Improved appearance.

Fountain of Youth Dentures rest on the maxillary and mandibular bones that anchor natural teeth. Maxillary bone forms the roof of the mouth and accommodates your upper teeth. The mandible is the U-shaped bone that houses your lower teeth.

The way that FOY Dentures fit like natural teeth avoids the uncomfortable sensation of squeezing that you can get with regular dentures while helping to preserve the long-term health of the bones in your mouth. It’s this remarkable fit that allows wearers of Fountain of Youth Dentures to enjoy greater ease, comfort, and confidence when smiling, laughing, eating or talking.

The neuromuscular dental science behind FOY Dentures focuses on nerves, muscles, and tissues to ensure optimal bite function. It also helps to refine your appearance by:

  • Preventing your chin from moving upward.
  • Filling out hollowed cheeks.
  • Softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Poorly-fitting conventional dentures can slip and click but FOY Dentures are designed to be the right height and width for your face, and won’t move out of position. Another benefit of Fountain of Youth Dentures is that they can also avoid loss of volume and sagging around the jaw, which often contributes to an aging appearance.

With the help of advances in dental science and technology, Fountain of Youth Dentures are designed to overcome the limitations of standard dentures, reinvigorating your appearance like a facelift.

The Fountain of Youth Dentures Process

Fountain of Youth Dentures are the most customized denture available, designed to fit your facial structure as a whole, not just your mouth. This means measuring not only your gums but the jaw muscles, which determines the optimum height for the dentures.

Assessing these muscles can be done with the help of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS). This helps the dentures to work optimally in a dynamic system through the entire range of movements, without their teeth being too large or too small.

A critical feature of the FOY Dentures process is the outstanding quality of materials. Conventional dentures use plastic for both the base and the teeth, which is why they may look strange – natural teeth and gums consist of very different substances. Fountain of Youth Dentures use ceramic materials for the teeth and high-density PMMA – also known as acrylic, acrylic glass, or plexiglass – for the base.

Ceramic teeth are more robust, durable and attractive than plastic teeth, and look more natural. FOY Dentures feature advanced ceramic teeth developed by a leading manufacturer of cosmetic dental materials. PMMA provides the most long-lasting and natural-looking base for dentures.

FOY Dentures can also be adapted to work with dental implants1 – giving you all the benefits of a facelift while improving your bite function.

Avoiding Jaw Problems

Unlike traditional dentures, the technology behind Fountain of Youth Dentures preserves the structural integrity of your jawbone. The bone that anchors teeth needs stimulus from normal biting and chewing to remain healthy. Because regular dentures sit on top of the gums, they don’t create the uniform pressure the jaw is used to, and this can cause bone weakening.

Fountain of Youth Dentures rest partly on muscles to provide even pressure across the jawbone, positioning your bite for maximum stability and functionality. In ensuring a bite that provides optimal muscle function, FOY Dentures also offer maximum facial support.

Why Choose Fountain of Youth Dentures?

The high-tech bases and premium-quality artificial teeth of Fountain of Youth Dentures are more comfortable and functional than regular dentures. This means they cost more than other types of denture because of the expense and expertise involved in making and fitting them.

However, many patients feel that it’s money well spent because of the many benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures – in some cases, making patients look 10 to 20 years younger. A dentist experienced in Fountain of Youth Dentures2 can help you to decide whether this advanced tooth-replacement system is right for you.



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