Are You a Good Candidate for an All-Porcelain Crown?

Modern dental practices can now fuse necessary treatment with aesthetic benefits. A patient may come in to have cavity treatment, but he can leave with brighter and stronger teeth. A porcelain dental crown, which replicates the look and function of a tooth surface, can make a particularly attractive addition to a patient’s smile. The following information highlights the uses of this dental device and the qualities that can make you an ideal candidate for it.

Conditions That Require Crowns

Individuals who demand cavity treatment often have tooth decay so severe that the integrity of the tooth is demonstratively diminished. If tooth decay has seeped into the interior of the tooth, root canal therapy is the typical treatment. In accessing the damaged parts of the tooth, though, a dentist must make a hole through it. This often necessitates the placement of a crown to fortify the remaining tooth structure.

Procedure to Get Crowns

If your dentist informs you that you require treatment for areas of tooth decay, you can inquire into the extent of the damage. If he determines that much of the tooth must be removed to properly address the decay, ask if getting an all-porcelain crown might be a viable option to protect the tooth. Once your dentist has cleaned all decay from the site and filled the cavity, he can add a crown or create an impression for the fabrication of one that will be affixed to your tooth during your next appointment.

Benefits of Crowns

Having an additional measure of protection around your filling can lower your occurrence of tooth fractures. A crown can also enhance the look of a tooth that has undergone major treatment. Given that it can be made to match the color of your existing teeth, a crown offers a seamless improvement to your smile.

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