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Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatment options for patients who meet certain criteria. While traditional braces have been in use since the early 1800s, Invisalign is a modern treatment method that has many advantages that have really gotten our patients’ attention over the years. At Sanford Dental Excellence, our patients regularly ask us for more information about this incredible teeth straightening tool because the benefits of using Invisalign are so well-known. When given the option to choose between traditional braces and Invisalign, the vast majority of our patients choose Invisalign.

Over a million patients have used Invisalign to straighten their teeth because this system is not only extremely accessible, but it also works discreetly so that no one has to know that the patient is having work done on their teeth. While some patients may not be able to make use of Invisalign for treatment due to the positioning of their teeth or other dental issues, for those patients who can, the many benefits of Invisalign in comparison with traditional braces make it an easy choice. While traditional braces must be used to accomplish certain orthodontic goals, Invisalign can do amazing things in terms of straightening the teeth.

There’s a Minimal Time Requirement.

In comparison with traditional braces, Invisalign requires very little time at the clinic. This is a system that’s somewhat flexible so it can work around your schedule. Because Invisalign makes use of invisible aligner trays, there’s no need to make appointments every few weeks to get the wires and brackets adjusted. Patients only need to come to the office when they’re ready for a new aligner tray. Office visits take only minutes and the process of moving the teeth is accomplished very simply by switching trays every few weeks or months.

Oral Health Has Improved.

Traditional braces require an adjustment in terms of how you do your oral health routine. With braces, it’s often necessary to use special flossing tools and to brush after every meal and snack in order to prevent the development of decay around the brackets. But with Invisalign, your oral health routine is the same as always. You remove the aligner trays to brush and floss as you always have. Doing a thorough cleaning of your teeth is easy and the process is exactly the same as what you’ve always done which means that oral health is improved using Invisalign.

They’re Removable.

There are many reasons why it can be important to be able to remove the Invisalign aligner trays. While traditional braces cannot be removed, the Invisalign system allows the wearer to remove the trays for short periods of time to enjoy a break from moving the teeth. High school or junior high students who participate in music or speech activities can perform without the trays, as needed, and adults who want to enjoy Eat or Drink What You Want!nightlife without Invisalign can do so easily. Invisalign is a system that allows your life to continue on as normal, a major perk that can have important psychological rewards.

Eat or drink what you want!

Traditional braces require the wearer to change their habits in a number of ways. For example, whenever a patient gets their wires and brackets adjusted at the orthodontist, they often feel sensitivity in their gums and teeth as a result. And with traditional braces, hard, crunchy foods can sometimes break the wires or loosen them accidentally. So, it’s often necessary to eat different, softer foods immediately following adjustments that are made to traditional braces and dietary changes inevitably happen when people are wearing traditional braces. With the Invisalign system, it isn’t necessary to adjust what you eat. You can continue to follow your normal diet. When you eat or drink something, you’ll simply remove the aligner trays. It’s that simple!

The Process Is Discreet.

Because Invisalign is a system that’s mostly invisible to onlookers, you feel like yourself. No one knows that you are having orthodontic work done on your teeth so you can smile and not feel worried or insecure about your appearance. The discretion that Invisalign affords patients offers them a huge boost of self-confidence because while the teeth are being aligned into a more aesthetically pleasing position with each passing hour, the Invisalign trays are totally invisible. Indeed, there’s no need for patients to worry about problems like bad breath or that food has gotten caught in the brackets of traditional braces. The enhanced self-confidence that’s possible using this system is a major selling point for many of our patients at Sanford Dental Excellence, your dentist in Sanford.

See Your Smile Before Treatment Begins.

Invisalign technologies are amazing! Using 3D imaging, you can see what your smile will look like even before you start wearing your aligner trays. In fact, at Sanford Dental Excellence, Dr. George Mitrogogos offers a look at what your teeth will look like following treatment with each aligner tray. These technologies have proven to be extremely motivating for many of our patients.

Invisalign Is Comfortable.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Invisalign treatment system is the fact that it’s a comfortable process. The aligners are made of a smooth plastic that is custom-fitted precisely to your mouth. As a result, there’s no chance that the trays will cause poking, irritation, or bleeding like what can happen with traditional braces. Indeed, if the patient participates in activities such as sports or music, Invisalign does not pose an issue. This is a teeth straightening system that allows patients to continue living their lives normally.

It’s affordable.

At your Sanford dentist, Invisalign is an affordable alternative to traditional braces and for many patients, this treatment system is covered by dental insurance. For patients who qualify for this type of treatment, the benefits make Invisalign into an obvious choice. For some patients, traditional braces may be necessary in order to align teeth that must be rotated or teeth that have gaps between them, but the only way to find out whether any given patient qualifies for Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist to do an initial consultation at Sanford Dental Excellence. Given the option to choose between traditional braces or Invisalign, most patients choose Invisalign, hands down. Contact our experienced team today to find out more information!

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