Benefits of All-Porcelain Crowns

Whether your tooth is chipped, stained, or cracked, a porcelain crown can help you return your tooth to excellent working order while also improving its aesthetic appearance. Crowns replace the exterior of your tooth and provide a durable and convincing porcelain shell. Read on to discover the benefits of all-porcelain crowns.

Dr. Stephen Seidler can restore your teeth to optimal functioning by covering the internal section of an original tooth with a porcelain crown that is customized for your mouth. The crown, which is attached using a special resin that can be hardened under curing light, is thicker than a veneer; this provides for added durability and enhanced function. One convenient benefit of all-porcelain crowns is the easy maintenance. The suggested maintenance is actually the same as it is with your original teeth: brush them with toothpaste and floss routinely.

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